3 Inflatable Life Jackets Adults Will Love

There are tons of great options for inflatable life jackets on the market, but precisely because there are so many good choices it can be difficult to make a decision about which to buy.

In this post I’ll provide a brief overview of 3 inflatable life jackets adults will love, regardless of what type of boat or intensity of activity you want to engage in.

It’s important to remember that for each of these is an excellent inflatable life jacket for adults. Youth and children 16 years of age and younger are not allowed to wear inflatable life vests, according to the US Coast Guard.

Inflatable Life Jackets Adults Will Love

Each of the following is USCG approved.

mustang_mit_100_life_jacketMustang Survival MIT 100

The MIT 100 lives up to the high expectations you’ve come to expect from Mustang Survival.

This brand consistently develops top of the line vests that go well beyond the security standards set forth by the Coast Guard and provide stylish, comfortable, and durable options for a variety of on-water needs.

The MIT 100 is constructed using membrane inflatable technology, a cutting edge technique that uses a high tech, adaptable fabric that keeps the vest light and comfortable even when wet.

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mti_helios_inflatable_vestMTI Helios Inflatable Life Jacket

Another high quality option for your next inflatable life jacket is the MTI Helios. The Helios, by Marine Technologies International (aka: MTI Adventurewear) is a manual inflatable vest ideal for small craft operating on coastal or inland waters.

The vest comes in a single, universal size designed to accommodate a wide range of adult sizes, from 30″”-52″. This is a great vest for anyone looking for a recreational, inland inflatable option.

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onyx_am_24_deluxe_life_jacketOnyx A/M-24 Deluxe Inflatable Vest

The Onyx A/M-24 Deluxe is a premium inflatable life jacket for adults.

The vest is built with an eye to both comfort and security, and provides a full range of motion that won’t inhibit any movement around the boat, regardless of the level of agility or speed required.

This effect is achieved through an open-arm design and the careful placement of the foam lining, providing smooth contours to improve motion.

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Each of the vests presented in this list of inflatable life jackets adults will love is an excellent option to cover any inland or calm near shore boating activities. To see more adult life jackets, click here.

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