3 Life Vests Boating Experts Recommend

life_vests_boatingWhen it comes to making your next life jacket purchase, it’s important to consider the reputation of the company producing the vests.

Just as you wouldn’t purchase a car without looking up consumer reports, your life vest should come from a reputable provider, and be appropriate for the activity you want to engage in.

In this post I’ll show you 3 life vests boating experts recommend for the safety, security, and reputation of the brand.

3 Life Vests Boating Experts Recommend

Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival has been creating high quality life vests for years.

Their best advancements have come with the increasing popularity of their inflatable vests. They offer two top-of-the-line options, one with automatic Hydrostatic Inflation Technology, and the other with both manual and automatic options.

What makes this brand stand ahead of the crowd is the combination of comfort and security. Their vests are lightweight with a soft foam fabric, making it easy to wear whether you’re sitting in the cockpit or maneuvering around the foredeck.

Definitely, a top option, and I highly recommend it.


Stearns is something of a household name when it comes to safety on the water.

Though most famous for their affordable USCG approved vests, Stearns also makes a number of higher end options that are appropriate for any type of water.

One of their most reputable jackets is their Type I offshore vest with harness. The vest is fully capable of handling any weather scenario, and is USCG approved with the highest marks.

You can also click here fo to see the top Stearns Type II vest.

MTI Helios

MTI Helios is another top player when it comes to water safety.

Like Mustang Survival, their vests are designed with comfort in mind, which make for a great option for any recreational boater.

Read more about my recommended MTI Helios life vest.

Or, click here to browse more adult life jackets.

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  1. I just happen to come across this website and it was perfect timing. I didn’t realize the there was difference in life vest. I always thought they were all the same. Really grateful for this info as we are in desperate need of new life vest

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