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Download Small Wooden Sailboat Plans Free

small wooden sailboat plansIf you’re looking for free sailboat plans, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at, we’ve put together a collection of some classic small sailboat plans and designs geared towards the amateur boat builder!

This great resource guide pulls together all of the information you need to know to have a safe and successful sailboat build, whether it’s your first time working on a do it yourself boat project or you’re an experienced boat builder.

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How To Build A Sailboat from Scratch

classic sailboat plansRegardless of whether you’re trying to figure out how to build a small sailboat, how to build a wooden sailboat, or any other type of boat, you’re going to need a good set of wood sailboat plans.

Using the link above, you’ll be able to download our complete guide to building a sailboat, which includes everything you need to know to build your own sailboat successfully.

The bulk of the guide consists of designs and information for building small wooden sailboats, but for the experienced boat builder much of that information can also be applied to larger projects.

For example, there’s a great set of Sharpie sailboat plans available to anyone interested in building a small wooden boat with an easy to frame design. You might also consider using one of the sunfish sailboat plans, or, for a more ambitious project, one of the trimaran sailboat plans.

For an easier approach, try the lightning sailboat plans.

Wooden Sailboat Kits

Whether you’re building a monohull or a catamaran, sailboat kits and plans can often come in handy, especially if you’re a first time boat builder.

The kits will help you work your way through the entire project from start to finish, helping you with not only the boat design, but also pre-construction of several of the most important, and often times more challenging aspects of the build.

That will help make sure you have a safe and fun experience, and can successfully take your boat out on the water when you finish!

Quick Guide To Aluminum Sailboat Plans

homemade sailboat plansWhile not as popular as their wooden cousins, aluminum and steel sailboat plans provide an interesting challenge for the hobby boat builder looking to branch out into a more complicated project.

These sailboat design plans are one type of DIY sailboat plans that generally require you to purchase a boat builder’s kit, which will have many of the necessary materials assembled for ease of use.


Check out our main Boat Building page for more information on different types of DIY boats.

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