Emergency Gear

Being prepared on the water means equipping your boat for any situation you might encounter.

USCG regulations require you to carry up to date emergency distress flares as well as properly maintained fire prevention equipment.

It is also recommended that you keep a life raft on board for any coastal excursions.

Emergency Life Rafts

Revere Coastal Commander Life Valise

The Revere Coastal Commander is a premium inflatable emergency raft designed for all-weather coastal waters.

The raft features two sturdy, double-sized air tubes that inflate to provide additional elevation from the water-line, protecting you and your crew from breaking waves in either clam or rough conditions.

The Revere Coastal Commander is also fitted with an adjustable boarding ladder as well as an inflatable canopy that automatically deploys upon use. Read more on Amazon.

Marine Fire Prevention

Kidde Mariner Class 5-B:C Fire Extinguisher

The Kidde Mariner Fire Extinguisher is a USCG approved fire extinguisher for recreational marine use, on all types of personal watercraft.

The canister comes fitted with a mounting wall bracket, making it an easy to install option for your boat. Approved for gas and electrical fire use. Read more on Amazon.

Marine Emergency Signaling

Orion 617 Emergency Signaling Kit

This Orion emergency kit is designed for personal craft use and includes the necessary equipment to signal either air or water-borne rescue teams.

The kit includes:

  • Non-corrosive mirror
  • SOLAS approved whistle
  • USCG approved orange distress flag
  • Fluorescent dye marker (green)
  • Mesh storage bag

Read more about this product on Amazon.



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