Finding the Best Adult Life Vest

Buying a life vest can feel like a difficult decision, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of excellent options when you’re choosing a life jacket, and all it takes is a little guidance to find the vest that’s right for you.

In this post I’ll recommend what I see as the best adult life vest in 4 categories: inflatable, fitted, offshore, and budget.

mustang_survival_hit_life_vest_redThe Best Inflatable Adult Life Vest

Mustang Survival HIT Inflatable Life Jacket

The Mustang Survival HIT vest is the cream of the crop when it comes to buying a premium adult life vest.

The HIT model uses state of the art hydrostatic inflation technology, which allows for the use of lightweight fabric that keeps the vest comfortable even when wet and protects against accidental inflation, requiring submersion in 4 inches of water before it will inflate. Read the full review here.

oneill_assault_life_vest_manThe Best Fitted Adult Life Vest

O’Neill Assault Lumbar Support Life Vest

The O’Neill Assault Lumbar Support vest is an excellent fitted option. The vest features a neoprene design, which creates a snug fit sized for either men or women. The vest also includes a soft countour design that provides added support for the lumbar spine, making this a great option for anyone who need a little extra back support.

Priced under $100, the O’Neill Assault vest is a great value for anyone looking for a fitted life vest. Read the full review.

delta_offshore_life_jacket_with_harnessThe Best Offshore Adult Life Vest

Delta Offshore Life Jacket

When it comes to finding an offshore adult life vest, nothing beats the Delta Offshore model. This vest is USCG Type I approved and features excellent buoyancy along with a working harness and easy to access rescue ring.

This vest is perfect for any rough weather or offshore needs, and is a comfortable option for this category of vest. Read the full review.

oneill_superlite_uscg_vestThe Best Budget Adult Life Vest

O’Neill SuperLite USCG Vest

The O’Neill superlite is, in my opinion, the best budget adult life vest.

With a simple foam design and with options starting as low as $20, the price tag is one of the best in the industry from a trusted brand, making this vest is an excellent value for any budget-conscious boater. Read the full review.

If none of these vests feels right for you, you can browse more adult life jackets here.

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