Billabong Men’s Faderade Competition Vest Review

billabong_mens_faderade_competition_vestRating: 8/10

Price: $114.99

Security: 6/10

Comfort: 10/10

Value: 7/10

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Description: Billabong Men’s Faderade Competition Vest

Note: This is NOT a USCG Approved Vest.

The Billabong Men’s Faderade Competition Vest is designed for extreme comfort and agility.

This vest is perfect for competitive sport scenarios, where ease of movement and agility is the primary consideration. The vest is designed to fit snugly against the torso, with 4-way stretch capability for maximum comfort and range of motion.

The vest includes strategically placed buoyancy paneling and an easy-to-use front-zip design.

billabong_mens_faderade_competitionAvailable in two color and style options, the Men’s Faderade Competition Vest is intended for the fashion-conscious athlete. The cool blue/green option contrasts with a warmer-hued orange/red, meeting the color tastes of any individual.

It is important to note that this vest is NOT a United States Coast Guard Approved vest. It is intended for athletes demanding more flexibility and maneuverability than can be provided with the standard USCG Approved options.

All boaters must still comply with United States Coast Guard federal and state regulations regarding proper on-board equipment and life jacket storage and accessibility laws.

That said, this vest is a great alternative to the bulkier, USCG approved vests. Many users report it’s a great solution to wear on the boat day-to-day, while maintaining a vest that meets USCG standards accessible and on board.


This Billabong vest is available with the following size specifications, in inches:

  • XS: 28-32
  • S: 32-36
  • M: 36-40
  • L: 40-44
  • XL: 44-48

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Amazing vest. Feels just like wearing a t-shirt rather than a life vest!
  • I use the Billabong Competition Vest every time I go out on my board. It’s great to have some level of protection without needing to give up speed or motion.
  • My gf got this for me a few months ago and I totally love it. Use it kayaking all the time, and sailing as well. On the boat I still keep another vest handy, but it’s great to have a freer, more comfortable solution to the bulky USCG options.
  • NOT an approved vest, but that’s ok. Keep the approved version stowed in the rare case of an accident, then wear this vest for more fun and flexibility. Never interferes with work on the boat, just like wearing a shirt!

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