Hyperlite Mens Indy Neoprene Life Jacket Review

hyperlite_indy_neoprene_blueRating: 8/10

Price: $59.99 Find deals on Amazon!

Security: 8/10

Comfort: 8/10

Value: 9/10

Description: Hyperlite Men’s Indy Neoprene Life Jacket

The Men’s Indy Neoprene Life Jacket from Hyperlite is an excellent mid-range life vest, and is popular with recreational boaters and athletes.

hyperlite_mens_indy_neoprene_all_colorsThe vest features a traditional style with state of the art foam paneling, well-positioned to allow for ease of motion and excellent comfort.

The Indy Neoprene includes two bottom-down mesh drain panels to help whisk off excess water. This design also ensures incredible water drainage regardless of whether it has been splashed or submerged, which means that the vest remains lightweight even after immersion in water, and rarely feels weighted down.

The vest is available with either silver, blue, or navy color options.

This life jacket is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable, secure vest at an excellent price. The Hyperlite Men’s Indy Neoprene value is unbeatable!


The Hyperlite Men’s Indy Neoprene vest comes in the following sizes. Sizes are shown in inches:

  • S: 32-36
  • M: 36-40
  • L: 40-44
  • XL: 44-48
  • 2XL: 48-52
  • 3XL: 52-56

US Coast Guard Approved

The Hyperlite Men’s Indy Neoprene Life Jacket is USCG approved as a Type III life jacket.

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Definitely one of the best affordable vests on the market! I got one to try and liked it so much I outfitted the rest of the boat with them as well, to keep the ‘extras’ around for my guests. Strongly recommend!
  • I was really surprised at the quality of this vest for the price. I bought it for $45 which is an incredible deal for a vest of this level! Great value all around!
  • The best mid-range vest I’ve tried. I do a lot of foredeck work when racing and always get soaked. This vest helped keep me dry a little, but more importantly stayed light and comfortable even after getting drenched. I recommend this vest for anyone who gets wets when on the water! Sailing, kayaking, skiing, whatever!
  • Ordered this on a friend’s recommendation and am extremely pleased. Hard to find a high quality life jacket in this price range. Now I’m thinking about upgrading the rest of the vests on board!

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