MTI Helios Inflatable Life Vest

mti_helios_inflatable_vestRating: 8/10

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Security: 8/10

Comfort: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Description: MTI Helios Inflatable Life Vest

Marine Technologies International, also known as MTI Adventurewear, is one of the leading providers of small watercraft safety gear.

mti_helios_fishingThe Helios life vest is one their top-of-the-line vests with manual inflation. The inflation is activated by pulling on a single rip-cord, which will activate the embedded CO2 canister to immediately inflate the vest to a buoyancy of 29 lbs.

In addition to the ripcord trigger, the vest has an indicator window that lets you easily assess the status of the vest. In the event the vest is not properly armed, there is also a manual backup tube for inflating the vest orally. The vest also includes a safety whistle and reflecting trim.

The MTI Helios Inflatable provides a reasonable level of comfort and good security for calm and shallow waters. The vest is primarily intended for small boat users operating in inland or near-shore activities, including sailing, fishing, kayaking, SUP, and other paddle sports.

Click here to watch an instructional overview and rearming video from REI.

US Coast Guard Approved

The MTI Helios is an approved Type III life vest appropriate for adults 16 years of age and older.

The vest comes in a single universal size for all adults over 80lbs, and will fit chest sizes 30″-52.”

The MTI Helios Inflatable Life Vest is not recommended for off shore or large boat excursions.

Reviews and Testimonials

  • I bought the MTI Helios for kayaking around Lake Michigan. So far it’s worked perfectly, and comfortable enough I can wear all day without problems.
  • Great for fishing! When not inflated the vest is extremely compact, which is great because it doesn’t get in the way of my rods and lines. I usually run multiple lines from a small paddle boat, so love how easy it is to wear.
  • The MTI Helios Inflatable PFD is definitely a good option for any recreational, manual powered watersports. I wouldn’t feel comfortable using this vest out on the ocean or even in a large boat, but for laser sailing around the bay or kayaking it’s my go-to option.
  • Great cool vest! Lots of room to breathe and doesn’t get too hot in the summer!
  • I’d recommend this vest to anyone looking to upgrade to a more comfortable, small-inflatable vest. I bought after wearing ‘traditional’ vests for years, and it’s a major improvement!

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