Mustang Survival MIT 100 Review

mustang_survival_mit_100_blueRating: 9/10

Price: $129.99

Security: 10/10

Comfort: 9/10

Value: 8/10

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Description: Mustang Survival MIT 100

mustang_mit_100_life_jacketThe Mustang Survival MIT 100 is a state of the art inflatable life jacket featuring Membrane Inflatable Technology.

Membrane Inflatable Technology, or MIT, is a next-gen fabric that keeps Mustang Survival’s vests on the cutting edge. The technology allows for a stretchable, adaptable fabric that uses less material than its traditional counterparts.

This means the MIT 100 weighs less than many of its competitors and can adjust to your movements for comfort that lasts all day.

Design and Fashion

mustang_survival_mit_100_all_colorsThe Mustang Survival MIT 100 is designed with comfort and fashion in mind. The Membrane Inflatable Technology allows for a fabric that adapts to your body type, with a single adjustable clasp in front.

The vest is mostly black, with a touch of color around the shoulders and neckline, in addition to a stylish logo incorporated onto the right torso.

The MIT 100 is available in black with yellow, pink, cobalt, or apple green highlights.

Features and Specifications

mustang_survival_manual_mit_100The MIT 100 comes in either a manual or automatic option.

The automatic option will inflate upon initial immersion into water. To inflate the vest manually, pull the yellow tab on the lower right torso.

Both have inflator inspection windows with an easily accessible flap, as well as a 1-fold re-packable design.

The vest comes complete with an indicator panel that alerts the user if the invest is in need of service or maintenance.

The MIT 100 provides 26 lb (100 N) buoyancy, which is 1.5 times the buoyancy of the majority of foam flotation devices on the market.

The MIT 100 comes in a universal adult size, and is not recommended for children. The vest adapts to fit a 30″ – 52″ chest (76cm – 132cm) and is intended for individuals 80lbs or greater.

United States Coast Guard Approval

  • USCG – UL1180
  • Inflatable PFDs 160.076
  • Type V (Commercial Use)
  • Type III (Recreational Use)

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Very comfortable to wear. If you don’t wear a life jacket they are of no value, this one is light enough to have on all the time and not even notice you are wearing a life jacket.
  • Tested the inflation on each Mustang Survival vest I own and all 4 inflated just fine. Re-arming was easy and no-hassle. The size is easy to adjust and they are extremely comfortable.
  • I require all my passengers to wear a vest on my boat. No one has ever complained about the MIT 100. They fit perfectly for a wide range of sizes and are easy and lightweight. No problems moving around the boat to adjust lines on the foredeck. Comfort and agility, what more could you ask?

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