Type 1 Life Jacket Information Boaters Need to Know

type_1_life_jacketThe Type 1 life jacket is a heavy duty offshore life jacket intended for rough water use. It is one of the main life jacket types according to the United States Coast Guard approval and rating system.

While not as comfortable as a type 2 or type 3 life jacket, Type 1 life jackets are approved for both commercial and recreational use and are perfect for high demand, high security functions.

About the Type 1 Life Jacket

Type I life jackets are wearable PFDs that are USCG approved for offshore use. They are hardy, durable, and secure, with safety and longevity given a higher design priority than comfort or range of motion.

Their use is approved not only for long range distances, but also for rough water, storm, and shipwreck scenarios in which rescue possibilities are limited and the individual is likely to be stranded in the water for a significant period of time.

The Type 1 life jacket is approved for a minimum of 22 lbs of buoyancy, which is enough to turn most unconscious people face up in the water, even in rough conditions. This greatly increases an individual’s chance of survival until rescue by ensuring air flow even after an individual has sustained a serious blow to their body.

Recommended Type 1 Life Jackets


Delta Off Shore Life Jacket

The Delta offshore life jacket is one of the best rated rough water vests available on the market. The vest is intended for severe ocean weather and comes with an attachable harness to secure directly onto the boat.

This is a practical, comfortable option for a secure Type 1 life jacket for either commercial or recreational use.

Read the full review of the Delta Off Shore Type 1 Life Jacket.

Stearns Type 1 Merchant Mate

stearns_type_1_life_jacket_merchant_mateThe Stearns Merchant Mate is one the best offshore life jackets in a more modest price range. These vests are USCG Type 1 approved for rough water boating, including extended functional use in the event of a delayed rescue.

The Merchant Mate Type 1 life jacket is approved for 22.5 lbs of buoyancy and comes equipped with a foam filled collar and hinged back panel, allowing for easy capture during rescue.

Read the full review of the Stearns Type 1 Merchant Mate Life Jacket.



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